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Lost Property

Friday, 24th March 2017

A visitor from France, Laurent Barme, left his backpack in Jasin's restaurant yesterday. Neither Jasin's nor the Pier Attendant have any knowledge of the lost property. It is likely that a restaurant customer has walked off with the backpack. The local police are not interested in lost property: "We don't take reports of lost property so don't issue crime reference numbers for insurance purposes". A £50 reward is offered for the safe return of its contents which are of considerable personal importance to the owner but which have little or no commercial value. Please email me ( or contact the Pier Attendant (01304 363815) if you have any information about the missing backpack and its contents.

Deal ranked top in 20 best places to live by the sea in Britain

Kent Online, 17th March 2017

Deal has made it to the top in a list of 20 best places to live by the sea. According to The Times, Deal is no longer a "secret" retreat but a well-linked coastal town offering long beaches and plenty of choice when it comes to dining. Writer Liz Rowlinson said:

"Now easily reached from London by the Javelin high-speed train, it's a place for long walks along the two-mile pebble beach and has dozens of pubs, coffee shops and restaurants on its award-winning high street and grade II listed pier." [1]

She gives reference to the sought-after houses in the Middle Street conservation area where a grade II listed three-bedroom terrace is worth £415,000.

Ian Dunkerley, owner of Dunkerley's Seafood Restaurant Hotel on Deal's Beach Street, was not surprised by the news. He said:

"I always knew Deal was a jewel in the crown of the White Cliffs and I used that strap line many years ago having run businesses in the town for almost 40 years. As it becomes more of a tourist destination and more people start to discover Deal, it is up to the council and planners to ensure it remains the historic hidden gem that it is. We must keep our feet on the ground."

Only two years ago, the same newspaper listed Deal as 23rd on the list of 30 best places to live by the sea. The Times also listed Deal as one of the top 30 best places to visit for a weekend retreat in April 2014, when it was commended for its "fifties vibe" and its mix of writers, musicians and business people. The Telegraph also considered Deal to be one of the top 20 towns to consider relocating to.

[1] Editor's note: Dover District Council confirms that Deal Pier is not a listed structure.

Italian restaurant to open on Deal seafront this Easter

KentLive, 3rd March 2017

An Italian restaurant is set to open on Beach Street in Deal by Easter. A former council-owned entertainments centre known as The Quarterdeck, opposite Deal Pier, will be converted into an Italian restaurant, with work starting as early as next week.

The news follows the opening of the Quarterdeck's larger commercial unit as a fish restaurant by Hythe Bay in November 2016. Its Italian neighbour also hoped to open before Christmas 2016, but work has been delayed for unknown reasons. According to the Quarterdeck's commercial developer, Rogate, the eatery now aims to open before Easter, which falls on Sunday, 16 April. A spokesperson for Rogate said:

"As far as we know, the owner is aiming to start work in the next week and is proposing to open sometime before Easter."

Rogate also confirmed that the restaurant is a local establishment and not a national chain.

Pier lower deck storm repairs

Dave Chamberlain, Saturday 18th February 2017

Temporary repairs have been made to the Pier's lower deck, allowing the centre and south side of which to reopen to anglers.

However, night fishing is suspended and the Pier will continue to close at midnight (on Saturday) until further notice. Call the Pier attendant to confirm: 01304 363815

Pier temporary closure

Douglas Pettit, Friday 10th February 2017

Due to staff sickness, the Pier will be closed from midnight on Saturday until 8 am Sunday, 12th February.

Hope & Lane temporary closure, Wednesday 8th February 2017

Sean Humphreys, Hope & Lane

Hope & Lane, 92A High Street, will be closed for the day on Wednesday, 8th February for resumption of filming of ITV's new 'romantic thriller' "Liar", starring Joanne Froggatt and Ioan Gruffudd and directed by Sam Donovan.

Customers desperate for a frothy coffee and a curly pastry thingy tomorrow should head for Hope & Lane on The Strand, Walmer.

Click here to view details of last November's filming of 'Liar'.

Tidal surge closes Pier lower deck

Report by Dave Chamberlain, Saturday 14th January 2017

The North Sea tidal surge forecast for Friday evening has adversely affected the beach and Pier with the strong north wind getting behind the spring tide raising the sea level. In the early hours of Saturday morning the tide exceeded the predicted height and swept up to the promenade causing shingle to be deposited from the foreshore. The Pier's lower deck was submerged sustaining damage resulting in closure. However, the promenade deck remains open to the public and anglers.